Magnolia Ball

Directed the 25th Annual Magnolia Ball, Tanner Medical Foundation's historic event that raises nearly $500,000 annually. Oversaw support of nearly 200 community volunteers, secured regional media exposure and crafted numerous marketing and communication tactics such as:

• Print (ads, auction catalog, program)
• Web (dedicated page, auction website)
• PR (Press releases, volunteer newsletter)

Estimated reach: 350,000 Demos: Adults 25-54, Adults 35+, Adults 30+. Media Partners included The Times-Georgian and Southern Seasons.

Southern Seasons Fall 2015HealthyLiving - Fall2015_SMMB_Invitation_A7_Trifold_0315

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25th Ann Maggie Bee - Issue 3_SM25th Ann Maggie Bee - Issue 2_SM 25th Ann Maggie Bee - Issue 1_SM

04-26-15 Magnolia Ball Celebrates 25 Years   2015 MB Auction Cover   2015 MB Program_SM

04-24-15 Event to Raise Funds  04-12-15 Some packages announced

04-10-15 Magnolia Ball co-chairs meet for 25-year reunion

02-01-15 Magnolia Ball Kicks Off