Marching To Their Own Drummer

by msbusby

Some students shun science, technology, engineering and math to avoid all things that are considered “nerdy”, but students at the Georgia Institute of Technology proclaim their affinity for STEM for the entire world to see (and hear.)

Throughout the 2013 season, the Georgia Tech marching band paid tribute to one of their favorite subjects in a halftime show called “MATH.” The Georgia Tech band summer newsletter described the halftime show as:

“… one we think the Georgia Tech community will love – “MATH”. The first movement is “Numbers” and feature songs with numbers in their titles. The second movement is “Shapes”. This will give us chance to present variety of songs and visual elements dealing with lines, circles, triangles, squares, etc… The final movement will be “Formulaes/ Calculus” exploring a variety of problems you may encounter in your studies.”

GA Tech Marching Band - Math   GA Tech Marching Band   GA Tech Marching Band - Math 3

In his coverage of the program, one blogger noted “Why bother pretending to be something you’re not, right?” I couldn’t agree more.

Click here to see the incredible Georgia Tech marching band halftime show “MATH”.


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